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We are one of the premier online resources for rare collectibles. On our website features a wonderful selection of high quality meteorites, fossils and unique collectibles from around the world. In addition to our extensive selection of meteorites, we have museum quality dinosaur fossils for sale, as well as high quality Megalodon shark teeth, Wooly Mammoth tusks and fossils, antique Japanese Samurai swords, Katanas and Wakizashi as well as rare WWII Military and Warbird Collectibles. We also offer the finest meteorite rings, meteorite jewelry, wedding bands, and SR-71 rings available. Our Meteorites, Fossils and Rare Collectibles make FANTASTIC Gifts! Please feel free to contact us for other Unique Gift Ideas. We back all of our collection pieces with a 100% satisfaction Guarantee, so you can buy with confidence. We can ship to virtually anywhere in the World! We update our webpages frequently, so be sure to reload your webpage each time you visit our site, and please be sure to bookmark our site for future reference. Don't forget to ask us about our interest free layaway plan!!!

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Photo of a Tyrannosaurus rex skull
Museum Selection

Meteorites For Sale

Photo of a beautiful Esquel Pallasite from Argentina
Pallasites / Stony Iron Meteorites For Sale

Iron Meteorite
Iron Meteorites For Sale

Etched Iron Meteorite
Etched Iron Meteorites For Sale

Photo of a beautifully thumb-printed Eucrite Achondrite Meteorite
Achondrite Meteorites For Sale

Photo of a stunning L3.4 Chondrite Meteorite
Chondrite Meteorites For Sale

Firefall-Painting by Joe Tucciarone
Lunar Meteorites For Sale

Photo of Mars, the parent body from which Martian Meteorites are derived
Martian Meteorites For Sale

Meteorite Ring
Meteorite Rings

Young couple
Elegant Men's and Women's Meteorite Watches

Meteorite Cufflinks

Meteorite Necklaces

Meteorite Dog Tags

Meteorite Money Clips

Meteorite Guitar Picks

Damascus Meteorite Knives Gibeon Meteorite Knives

Libyan Desert Glass

Meteorite Sculptures

Meteorite Jewelry
Meteorite Jewelry

Pallasite Jewelry
Stunning Pallasite Jewelry

Martian Meteorite Jewelry
Elegant Martian Meteorite Jewelry

Lunar Meteorite Jewelry
Amazing Lunar Meteorite Jewelry

Gem Dinosaur Bone Jewelry

Mokume Gane Rings

Meteorite Art

Authentic Star Dust (Meteorite Dust Vial) ONLY $20.00

Authentic Meteorites for Under $100.00

Authentic Meteorites for Under $250.00

Meteorite Information

What are Meteorites?

Meteorite Photo Gallery

Meteorite Identification

Meteorite Widmanstatten Patterns


Fossils For Sale

Smilodon Saber Tooth

Painting of Cryolophosaurus by Joe Tucciarone
Museum Quality Dinosaur Fossils For Sale

Megalodon attacking whale
Museum Quality Megalodon Teeth For Sale

Jaguar Fossils SOLD OUT!

Fossil Fish

World Class Smilodon Saber

Giant American Lion (Panthera atrox) Fossils

Fossil Cave Bear Teeth

Mammoth Tusks
World Class Fossil Wooly Mammoth Tusks

Mastodon Teeth Mastodon Fossils

Giant Ground Sloth Fossils

Trilobite Fossils

Mosasaur Teeth & Fossils

Original Fine Art

Original Illustration Art

Original Illustration Art

Original Pin Up Art

Original Pulp Art

Native American Art

Original Art, Paleoart, Dinosaur Art

Landscape Paintings
Landscape Paintings

Aviation Art

Original Aviation Art

Original Military Art

Original Military Art

SR-71 Rings

SR-71 Rings

SR-71 Relics

Custom-made SR-71 Titanium Guitar Picks

Custom-made SR-71 Titanium Crucifix Pendants

SR-71 Titanium Dog Tags

A-10 Titanium Rings

A-10 Titanium Rings

Battleship Rings

Battleship Rings

Photo of a 17th Century Japanese Samurai Sword or Katana
Fine Quality Antique Samurai Swords, Katana and Wakizashi For Sale 日本刀

WWII Militaria Wanted

Me-109 Spinner
WWII Military Collectibles


Corsair Propeller & Pin Up Girl
WWII Airplane Propellers, Warbird Parts & Aviation Collectibles

Vintage WWII F-4U Corsair Propeller Blade For Sale

Vintage WWII P-38 Propeller Blade For Sale

Vintage WWII B-17 Propeller Blade For Sale

Vintage WWII P-51 Propeller Blade For Sale

Vintage WWII B-26 Propeller Blade For Sale


Vintage Porcelain Signs

Vintage Porcelain Signs


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Ordering is quick and easy. Just send us an email including, the description of the item that you would like to order, as well as the address to which you would like us to ship your order. We will get right back to you, confirming the availability and total price of your order. If you have any questions regarding an item we would love to hear from you, so please send us an email with all of your questions and we'll answer them as quickly as possible.

Don't forget to ask us about our interest free layaway plan!!!

Depending on the item, we can accept most major credit cards, as well as Bank to Bank wire transfers. If you need other payment options please inquire. Arizona residents add 6.9% sales tax.


To place your order, or if you have any questions please feel free to email us: CONTACT

Legal Terms and Conditions

Please do not contact us regarding any suspected meteorites that you think you may have found.If you think you may have found a meteorite please read our Meteorite Identification page and follow the instructions there.

Our mailing address is below. Please DO NOT send us samples of any suspected meteorites unless we ask you to do so in writing. We do not return samples sent to us.

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IMAGE CREDITS: Special Thanks to Joe Tucciarone for graciously allowing us to use copyrighted images of his wonderful Art work 'Firefall', and 'Cryolophosaurus'. The Martian photo on this page is Courtesy of NASA and the NSSDC. The Wooly Mammoth photo is from wikipedia.org and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 License. Official license.